I LOVE wallpaper, textiles and all the other gorgeous and exciting things that turns a house into a beautiful and welcoming home, although I have got to admit to a real soft spot (obsession) for wallpaper and textiles.  I can’t remember a time when I didn’t!

I grew up looking through pattern books of wallcoverings and fabrics.  I used to sit working out and measuring the repeats off the designs whilst the grown-ups chatted.  I WAS ALWAYS EAGER to visit friends and relatives, principally to see how they had decorated their homes.

During my career I saw great design take a back seat to profit margins and salespeople wanted ‘something same but different’ to our competitors.

Now I have the freedom to step off that treadmill of cyclical launch programmes and ‘me to’ design; I am totally committed to working with like-minded designers, creators and makers to source, create and sell wallcoverings, textiles and other interior accessories that will inspire and excite; – designs that says WHO YOU ARE, lifts your spirits and transform your spaces into something unique and individual.

Based in Lancashire England I operate a small low-key operation but boast extensive international connections.

I am equally as passionate about the quality of the  products as I am about the care taken in  how these are created, made and manufactured therefore  I only work with people and companies based in the UK who  are actively promoting social, ethical and environmental responsibility.